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Modern green interio​​​​​​​r design

Green modern interior design means creating modern interior spaces by emphasizing the use of methods and materials designed to protect the environment and reduce the negative impact on nature. Green modern interior design focuses on reducing energy consumption, recycling materials, using renewable
energy sources and reducing waste generation. Below are some tips for Green modern interior design

Use of renewable energy sources

Make sure your on-site power generation systems use renewable energy sources like solar and wind. In Green modern interior design, installing solar panels and wind turbines can be the most reliable way to provide green energy​​​​​​​

Exposure optimization

Using natural light in green modern interior design of artificial lighting can reduce energy consumption. It is useful to design windows and awnings in such a way as to increase the efficiency of natural light

Choosing environmentally friendly materials

In choosing green modern interior design materials and equipment, use recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Materials such as responsibly sourced wood and products with certifications from environmental protection organizations (such as FSC) are preferred

Reducing waste production

In modern green interior design, recycling and low-waste systems can minimize waste generation. Also, using double-use and low-use products helps to reduce waste

Energy management and automation systems

Installing Green modern interior designy management systems, such as artificial intelligence and automation systems in indoor spaces can help improve energy efficiency

indoor plants

Using Green modern interior design and adding indoor plants to indoor spaces not only adds beauty and freshness to them but also purifies the air and improves indoor air quality

Artificial intelligence sprinkler systems

Using artificial intelligence sprinkler systems can help improve water consumption while ensuring water conservation

Green modern interior design pays attention to resource efficiency and environmental protection and can help reduce the negative effects of energy and natural resource consumption
Green modern interior design is an approach to interior design that, while paying attention to modern beauty and style, also pays attention to environmental and sustainability issues. This type of design usually uses recycled and environmentally friendly materials and focuses on increasing energy efficiency and reducing harmful effects on the environment. Below I outline some of the key concepts for Green modern interior design:

Using environmentally friendly materials: choosing recycled materials, green materials, and products with environmental certificates such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) can be effective in reducing negative effects on the environment

energy efficiency

Designing air conditioning systems, lighting, and heating and cooling systems in a way that increases energy efficiency is of particular importance in Green modern interior design

Use of natural light

Green modern interior design can help reduce energy consumption for lighting by increasing the use of natural light using large windows and appropriate design


Adding plants to spaces as elements of beauty and purifying the air is a part of Green modern interior design

Artificial intelligence technology

The use of artificial intelligence technologies to manage energy efficiency and automation in homes and workplaces facilitates environmental improvement

Recycling and minimal waste

In Green modern interior design, recycling and reducing wastage of materials is very important

Managed Drainage

Water management, including the use of water-saving equipment, such as water-saving toilets, plays an important role in Green modern interior design

Flexibility of space

Interior design should be flexible to manage environmental needs and changes over time
These elements are just an example of the concepts that are considered in Green modern interior design. The final goal of this type of design is to create beautiful and efficient places with an emphasis on protecting the environment and natural resources.​​​​​​

Vegetation in green modern interior design

The use of vegetation is one of the important elements in Green modern interior design. These coatings can add beauty to indoor spaces and also create environmental benefits such as air purification and increasing oxygen in the environment. Below are some important approaches and tips in using
vegetation in modern green interior design

Choosing the right plants

Choose plants that are suitable for the indoor environment. This includes the right light, temperature, and humidity for each plant. Greenhouse plants suitable for indoor spaces are usually considered as the main options

Using proper irrigation systems

Proper irrigation systems are required to maintain indoor plants properly. Drip irrigation systems or automated field irrigation can help minimize the amount of water used

Selection of pots and vases

It is important to choose black containers and containers that do not have the property of draining and emptying a lot. This helps prevent overwatering and problems associated with watering plants

Artistic design of plants

Consider plants as meaningful design elements. They can be used as accent points, color support and interior settings, or even as separating partitions between spaces

Air purifying plants

Certain plants, such as vetiver, aloe vera, and passionflower, that have the ability to purify the air can be used in Green modern interior design to help reduce indoor air pollutants. Choosing air purifying plants can help improve indoor air quality

Preservation and care of plants

To maintain vegetation in Green modern interior design, you need to take care of plants carefully. This includes regular watering, feeding the plants, and caring for the leaves and branches

Plants suitable for spaces in Green modern interior design

The use of vegetation in Green modern interior design can help create beautiful and healthy spaces and also help the environment and indoor air quality. Choosing the best indoor plants depends on many factors, including ambient light, temperature, ongoing care, space size, and personal taste

Sunlight plants

These species are often suited to low light conditions. Examples of this group include Sunlight Cast, Trifle Witch, and Calathea, which are good choices for Green modern interior design

Air plants

These plants grow without soil and can be used to decorate indoor spaces. Examples of air plants include tillandsia and bromeliads, which are widely used in modern interior design

Large plants

If your indoor space is large, you can choose large plants such as ficus, Kenya ficus, yucca and dracaena. These plants allow you to take advantage of height and styling in Green modern interior design

Folding plants

Collapsible plants such as sensorium or grasula are great options for small spaces or hanging large plants

Water plants

Some water plants such as nectarines, potos, and azaleas are suitable as water houseplants. These plants require constant care and usually in areas with direct light

Cacti and succulents

If low light and constant care are difficult for you, cacti and succulents are good options. They are drought resistant from water storage and do not require constant watering and can be used in Green modern interior design

Necessary house plants

Houseplants such as blue iris, passion flower, and fittonia are among the plants that are attractive because of their beauty or special characteristics
Before choosing indoor plants, make sure that the light, temperature, and humidity conditions of the environment are compatible with the plants' needs. Also, for greater success, regular plant care and monitoring of their condition are important

The role of plants in Green modern interior design

Green modern interior design, plants play an important role and can help create beautiful, correct, and pleasant spaces. In Green modern interior design, plants are considered as elements of beauty and environmental sustainability, a combination of bringing nature into spaces and increasing their quality. The roles of plants in modern green interior design are

Beauty and decoration

Plants are used as beautiful elements in interior spaces. In terms of appearance, they make the space beautiful and attractive and attract people. Choosing plants with beautiful flowers and leaves can attract attention

Improving air quality

Plants have the ability to purify the air from suspended particles and polluting chemical compounds. This feature can improve the indoor air to some extent and is beneficial for the health of the residents

Adjust humidity

Plants help regulate humidity in indoor spaces through the process of transpiration. This can help keep people comfortable in very dry or cool spaces

Creating peace and well-being

The presence of plants in Green modern interior design spaces gives people a sense of comfort and well-being. Plants bring people closer to nature and can reduce stress

Interaction with the environment

In Green modern interior design, plants can act as interactive elements with the environment. They can be combined with architectural elements and space decoration and make spaces more attractive

Space division and privacy

Plants can help as natural borders of different spaces inside the space. They can divide the space into different parts and maintain privacy

Green modern interior design cost

It may depend on several factors, including the location, the size of the space, the complexity of the design, the materials used, the equipment required, and even the consultants and specialists who are engaged in Green modern interior design and project implementation. Below are some of the factors affecting the cost of green modern interior design:


Costs may vary by geographic region. In some areas, building materials and labor may be more expensive for Green modern interior design projects

Size and type of space

The size and type of space (residential, commercial, office, industrial, etc.) has a big impact on the cost of Green modern interior design. Green modern interior design has different needs for each type of space

Design complexity

If your green modern interior design includes intricate details, advanced technologies, or special needs, costs will increase

Materials used

Choosing recycled and eco-friendly materials may increase costs in Green modern interior design. But these materials usually save energy and resources in the long run

necessary equipment

In Green modern interior design, air-conditioning systems, artificial intelligence lighting, water-saving equipment, and other equipment may have typically high costs

Consultants and specialties:

Using consultants and experts can help improve design and reduce costs. But this also increases costs

Project supervision and implementation
Monitoring the implementation of the project and ensuring the quality of the implementation also increases the costs.

Research and planning
Detailed planning and research on the materials and technologies used also costs money.

In general, the cost of Green modern interior design is variable and depends on your needs and decisions to design and implement the project. For more detailed information and cost estimates, it is better to consult interior design and architecture professionals

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