Simple interior decoration design

Elysee Design Group (Engineer Mohammad Marzbani) specializes in designing simple interior decoration

Simple interior decoration design

Simple interior decoration design can be considered as a suitable method to create a beautiful and calm space without needing to spend a lot of money. In simple interior design, it is important to use basic and low-cost elements, emphasize cleanliness and simplicity, and create a feeling of peace and tranquility in the spaces. In the following, Elysee Design Group offers you tips for simple interior decoration design

Simple interior decoration design and color selection

To design a simple interior decoration, choosing soft and natural colors can be useful. White, beige, gray, and neutral colors can serve as good bases for walls and ceilings


White is one of the popular colors for simple interior design. This color creates a sense of cleanliness and modesty and can give clarity and coherence to the


Gray color is also a simple and beautiful color for simple interior design. You can use gray in walls, furniture, and all kinds of materials


Beige is a soft and natural color that adds to the simple and relaxing Simple interior decoration design


Gray and brown colors are also suitable for simple spaces. These colors give the space a warm and pleasant feeling Simple interior decoration design

blue navy

Oil blue is a calm and beautiful color that is used in the design of simple interior decoration to create a sense of comfort and relaxation

black and white

The combination of black and white is usually attractive in the design of simple interior decoration. This combination is usually used to create contrast and balance in the space
Remember that the use of colors also depends on your taste and simple interior decoration design needs. It is also important to consider the combination of colors and the use of appropriate lighting so that the space has peace and balance

Simple interior design and reasons for using simplicity

The use of simple interior decoration design has many reasons and can help to form a beautiful and relaxing space. Below are some of the main reasons for using simplicity in simple interior design

Relaxation and relaxation

Simple interior design means less complexity and extra details. This can help create a relaxing atmosphere. When the space is simple, it makes people's mindsless worried and creates a better feeling of peace

Focus on important details

In simple interior decoration design, important and main details are usually clearly seen and placed as the focal point. This helps people better focus on essential details and enjoy their quality and beauty

Increase real space

Simple interior decoration design usually increases the size and feeling of a larger space by using bright and proportionate colors. This somehow makes the space look bigger and more open and gives people a feeling of freedom and comfort

Time stability

Simple interior design usually lasts for a long time. Because it avoids common trends and models in current design that may change over time. This allows people to enjoy a moderate design and sustainable durability

Character reflection

A simple interior decoration design usually reflects the personality and taste of the owner of the space well. This allows people to use their taste in decorating the space and express their personality

Finally, by providing the best and most up-to-date ideas for interior design and using simplicity in decoration design, Elysee Design Group allows people to create a beautiful, relaxing, and practical space that increases the quality of life and mental well-being. they will

Simple interior decoration design and its costs

The cost of simple interior decoration design services may be very variable and depends on many factors such as the location, size and complexity of the project, the experience and skill of the architect or interior designer, the type of service required (from 2D and 3D design to advice on choosing materials and decorations). And the geographical area is dependent.

In general, interior design costs may be calculated in one of the following ways

Cost based on working hours

Some architects and interior designers use an hourly system, where you pay for the number of hours they work on your project. The hourly rate usually depends on the expert's experience and reputation.

Cost based on size

In this method, to carry out a simple interior decoration design, the costs are calculated based on the required area for the interior design. Usually, the limitations of the project are also taken into account.

Package cost

Some interior designers offer simple fixed-fee interior design service packages that include all stages of design from concept to execution.

To get the most accurate cost estimate and to see the price and tariff of Eliza Design Group's interior design services, click here or contact our consultants; and get their suggestions for your project.

Simple interior design and furniture selection

The use of simple furniture and minimal lines helps to design simple interior decoration. Furniture with soft and classic colors can be a good choice for simple interior decoration design style.

Prevent extra display

In the design of simple interior decoration, one tries to avoid adding many objects to the space. So, you should only use necessary and needed objects and tools.

Use of limited decorations

 Use limited and simple decorations to decorate walls and spaces. Simple posters, drawings Simple interior decoration design

Elyze Design Group(Engineer Mohammad Marzbani) is ready to present the best and most up-to-date ideas for interior design for you dear ones

Elyzsee Design Group(Engineer Mohammad Marzbani) is ready to present the best and most up-to-date ideas for interior design for you dear ones

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