Interior design of the parking lot

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Interior design of the parking lot

The interior design of the parking garage, while primarily functional, can also include elements of beauty, safety, and efficiency. Here are some key tips
for parking garage interior design


The interior design of the parking lot needs sufficient and distributed light to ensure the safety of the parking lot. LED lights are energy efficient and provide good visibility. Motion activated lights can help save energy

traffic flow

The internal structure of the bay parking should be in a form to facilitate smooth traffic flow. Clear lines, arrows, and signs help drivers find parking spots easily

Parking space design

In the interior design of the parking lot, attention should be paid to the required spaces; This means that the parking spaces must be of sufficient size and well marked. Use colored lines or demarcations to differentiate spaces and ensure they comply with local regulations

Safety measures

Safety features such as security cameras and emergency call boxes should be considered in the interior design of the parking lot. Adequately lit sidewalks and crosswalks should be part of the design to ensure safety for all users


Designate handicapped accessible parking spaces in compliance with local accessibility regulations. Make sure there are ramps, cuts and other features for easy access


Although a parking lot is not known for its greenery, you can include green spaces and greenhouses in the interior design of the parking lot to add aesthetics and improve the environment


Proper drainage in the interior design of the parking lot is important to prevent water accumulation. This is not only practical, but also helps maintain the integrity of the parking lot surface

Payment systems

If it is a paid parking lot, incorporate modern payment systems such as ticket machines, digital payments, or apps into the interior design of the parking lot to make the payment process convenient for users


You should consider the use of environmentally friendly materials and designs, such as permeable pavements to reduce runoff and the use of recycled or local materials in the interior design of the parking lot


Make arrangements for regular maintenance, such as cleaning and painting. A well-maintained parking lot is safer and more attractive


Consider a security system with cameras and alarms in the interior design of the parking lot


While the primary goal of parking garage interior design is functionality, aesthetics can be considered through creative line designs, well-painted signage, and attractive lighting fixtures

Ease of access

In the interior design of the parking lot, routes and entrances should be easy and clear for users. You must also provide proper access for people with physical disabilities​​​​​​

Parking capacity

In the interior design of the parking lot, you must determine that several cars can be placed in this parking lot. It depends on the size of the space as well as your goals (e.g. public or private parking)

Guide signs

Installing guide signs and signs to guide users to suitable parking places makes the interior design of the parking lot more appropriate

Show information

The presence of displays and signs to show the parking capacity and safety instructions help customers in the interior design of the parking lot

Waiting area

Considering an area for waiting and delivery of the car in the interior design of the parking lot can help users to do their work easily when entering and leaving the parking lot

traffic management

To control the traffic inside the parking lot, it can be useful to create straightening routes and electronic traffic management systems

Environmental sustainability

In the interior design of the parking lot, you should pay attention to issues related to environmental sustainability, such as the use of renewable energy sources and waste management

Local rules and regulations

In the interior design of the parking lot, you must comply with local and national laws and regulations and cooperate with professional consultants in the field of parking lot design to create a practical space that meets the needs of your customers​​​​​​

Corridors and paths

In the interior design of the parking lot, suitable corridors and paths should be considered for easy movement inside the parking lot.

Service location

In the interior design of the parking lot, there can be spaces for services such as gas station, mechanical, repair and washing

Easy check-in and check-out

Automatic devices to facilitate entry and exit should be used in the interior design of the parking lot

Location restrictions

In the interior design of the parking lot, a suitable space for different vehicles should be determined and it is forbidden to violate these limits

Materials and decorations

It is important to use materials that are resistant to water and damage, especially in areas with unfavorable climates. Also, the design and decorations should be chosen in such a way as to help increase the beauty of the parking lot

Using the space above the roof

In the interior design of the parking lot, sometimes the space above the roof can be used to increase the capacity

Keep in mind that the interior design of the parking lot by Eliza Group (Mohammed Marzbani Engineer) depends on factors such as location, size, purpose (eg, public, private, commercial) and local regulations. It is essential to ensure that the design complies with all relevant legislation and safety standards and considers user experience and aesthetics where possible

Also, keep in mind that requirements will vary based on the type and size of the parking lot. The interior design of the parking lot should be done according to the local needs and conditions in order to provide the best possible experience for the user

The interior design of the parking lot and its styles

Garage interior design styles tend to focus on functionality and efficiency, so they may not cover a wide variety of interior design styles for living spaces. However, there are still some parking garage interior design styles that can be used to enhance the beauty and functionality of parking lots

Practical and minimalist

This style prioritizes simplicity, practicality and efficiency. It focuses on optimizing the space and providing a clean and simple layout with minimal decorative elements


Industrial style in parking lot design often uses raw and durable materials such as concrete and metal. It can accommodate exposed structural elements and beneficial design features


Modern parking lot design emphasizes clean lines, sleek materials, and contemporary beauty. It may include elements such as well-designed signage, architectural lighting, and modern fixtures


Some parking lots use classic design with elements inspired by traditional or old architecture. This can include decorative features, classic facades and woven or decorated furniture

Spatial or futuristic

This style includes creative and innovative design concepts that often have unconventional spatial arrangements and unique architectural elements that can make the parking experience more interesting

Emphasis on lighting

Focusing on light can create a unique atmosphere in the parking lot. This style uses different lighting techniques, colors and fixtures to enhance both functionality and aesthetics


Sustainable parking design emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and green infrastructure. It seeks to reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainability


Some parking lots are designed as art spaces. They may include art installations, murals, sculptures or other artistic elements to create a visually appealing environment. Some parking lots are used as an artistic and creative platform. Painting installations, light art installations, and decorative installations can be eye-catching


Retro parking lot interior design takes inspiration from design elements of past decades, such as the 1950s and 1960s. Colorful designs and decorations inspired by past eras are used in this style

Environmental beauty

The design of the parking lot promotes a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment. Recycled materials, solar energy production systems, and vegetation are used in the design

ormal and luxury

Some parking lots use luxury and official designs as part of commercial or hotels. Expensive mineral materials and precise design are used

Choosing an interior design style for a parking lot often depends on the location, purpose, and preferences of the owners or operators. While functionality and safety should remain top priorities in parking lot design, incorporating style elements can improve the user experience and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the spac
Each parking interior design style should be compatible with the specific needs and purpose of the project. Also, the importance of elements such as security, easy access, productivity, and environmental sustainability should also be considered in the interior design of the parking lot

The cost of interior design of a parking lot

The interior design of a parking lot can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors, including the size and complexity of the project, location, specific design requirements, and level of customization. It's important to understand that parking lot interior design focuses primarily on functionality and safety, so the costs may not be as high as interior design for other types of spaces. Here are some factors that can affect the cost:

Consultation fee

If you hire a professional engineer or interior designer for consulting and design, this cost should be considered

Materials and equipment

Materials used for walls, flooring, lighting, furniture, security equipment, and other design components can add up to significant costs

Construction and installation

Implementation of interior design by construction and installation specialists requires cost. This includes physical parking structures and equipment

Technological modules

If the design includes technological systems such as artificial intelligence lighting, CCTV, or automatic payment systems, it will add to the cost of software and hardware

Repair and maintenance

You should consider the costs related to the periodic maintenance of the parking lot

Obvious supplies and materials

This includes accessories such as indicators, signposts, notices, etc

Administrative and financial costs

Costs related to project management, finance, and permits can also be part of design costs

Design complexity

The level of design complexity, including decorative elements, unique architectural features and art installations, can significantly affect costs


The choice of materials such as flooring, lighting fixtures, signs and security systems can affect the final price. High-quality, durable materials may be more expensive, but they can reduce long-term maintenance costs

Safety and accessibility

Ensuring that the car park complies with safety and accessibility regulations may add to costs, particularly if alterations or additions are required

Technology Integration

If the design includes the integration of advanced technologies, such as automated payment systems, smart parking solutions, or electric vehicle charging stations, the cost may increase

Aesthetic considerations

If the design has a strong emphasis on aesthetics, such as art installations or landscaping, the cost may be higher

Stability features

If the design incorporates sustainable or green elements, such as permeable pavements, energy-efficient lighting, or rainwater harvesting systems, there may be additional costs up front, but there are also potential long-term savings

Professional fees

Hiring interior designers, architects and professional engineers adds to the cost. Their expertise is essential to creating a safe and functional parking environment


Costs can vary based on parking location, as local labor and material costs may vary

Rules and regulations

Compliance with specific building codes and regulations may require additional design work and investment

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